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Making It Up As You Go

That feeling of being on the edge must be thrilling. For me it's downright scary, especially when it comes to speaking. Knowing how to verbally respond to something unexpected every second on stage takes gut (and practice.) Last night I had the pleasure of watching three teams of improv actors creating, moment by moment, the comic reality that is our existence. An electrified energy filled the room. The audience rode with the actors into an uproarious state, all in good fun and humor. And then we walked into the night. The energy migrated to Mr. Jiu's bar next door. There's always somewhere to go, as long as we boldly take the step.

Thank you, Industrial Kitchen, for producing this event.

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Alice Katz
Alice Katz
21 mar 2023

What fun- It sounds wonderful-Next time when I am in Berkeley we must get together

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