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Snacking Kids Rap

A bi-lingual Music Video by the children of San Francisco Chinatown

Inspired by the voracious appetite of her theater students, Snacking Kids Rap was written in 2021 by Clara Hsu. At that time, most of the children were 5 to 6 years old. Many of them were still working on body coordinations, vocabulary and how to be with each other. Now, two years later, these kids were ready to rap! On June 7, 2023, the principal rappers marched into Outpost Studio, a great neighborhood recording facility and dazzled the engineers with their vocal abilities. This was followed by two days of filming with their theater classmates in August. In March 2024, Snacking Kids Rap was selected to screen at the DisOrient Asian Film Festival in Eugene, Oregon.

Enjoy this high energy music video!

Snacking Kids Rap (Official Music Video) 為食仔说唱

Snacking Kids Rap (Official Music Video) 為食仔说唱

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Rappers & Credits

Anson Zhu

Grace Lin

Jayden Louie

Justin Louie

Kelly Zhen

Guest Rapper: Raymond Wong

Students of Clarion Children's Theater

Lyrics by Clara Hsu

Music by Jonum

Studio photos and video by Kelly Li

Music Video directed by Brent Benaway

Cinematographer: Mario San Miguel

Production Photos