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What we're looking for

  • Music

  • Poetry

  • Film screenings

  • Rehearsals 

  • Workshops

  • Public or private events are welcome

  • No fundraisers, please

The space has a one-step stage and two bathrooms on street level.


Maximum capacity is 60.


​There is a sound system, screen and projector, and a marvelous Yamaha C3 grand piano.

Equipment and tech support are not included in the free venue rental, but will be offered at a reduced rate for the month of April.


Contact us at for quota

What we're offering


How to apply

  1. Take a look at the calendar;

  2. Fill out the request form;

  3. We will get back to you;

  4. Once your proposal is accepted by us, we'll sign a contract;

There is a $200 refundable deposit when the event happens on your specified date and time. If your event doesn't happen as agreed, the full deposit will be used to compensate our time and other artists' missed opportunity.


Rent FREE April 2024

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