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GAF Glam Bang

2023 marks the 41st year of Clarion and 20th year of Grant Avenue Follies. We celebrate these significant milestones and invite you to contribute generously so that both Clarion and Grant Avenue Follies may continue to bring education and entertainment to the Chinatown community, uplift the image of Asian Americans, and nurture our next generation in the performing arts.

GAF Glam Bang is a collection of vignettes on the style, personalities, fun facts AND fiction of the Grant Avenue Follies. Written by the Follies' own playwright and Clarion's executive director Clara Hsu, this theatrical play was premiered in Honolulu for the Hong Kong Business Association on September 26, 2023. It has also been included in the PBS documentary, The Express Way with actor Dulé Hill (scheduled to be released in 2024). 

Students of Clarion Children's Theater will open the celebration by presenting:

Death of 3 Composers

Snacking Kids Rap

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