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They're Snacking Kids They'll Blow Their Lids

Snacking Kids Rap was written in 2021 along with Gai Mou Sou Rap and Glammas Wrap. At that time, the children's theater program was just beginning. Students were mostly 5 and 6 years old, shy and uncoordinated. Now, after two years, they're ready to rap!

Los Angeles music producer Jonum created the music and director Brent Benaway designed the storyboard. August 13 was a warm Sunday morning. The kids got up bright and early, marched into the playground of Seabird Preschool and danced to the beat. Then everyone was fed at the Chinatown Restaurant before more actions were filmed. The next day we went to Ross Alley and finally back at the Clarion to finish the filming.

For now, the music and the children's happy faces fill my mind. I hope one day soon they'll fill yours.

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