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Jehr Schiavo's Hell 'n' Back

What enriches a city is not the high rises or big corporations, fancy malls and restaurants. It is the hidden gems, deeply embedded in the alleys and unassuming places that shine in unexpected moments. They tug at my heartstrings and affirm the sacredness of people coming together and sharing their humanity.

Jehr Schiavo read his memoir tonight at the Clarion. A few of his friends came. They were friends when he needed them three years ago, and they showed up tonight to hear his story. Jehr was moved by their presence. The audience was moved by Jehr, who called his former self an "asshole."

From living a lavish celebrity life to becoming homeless, Jehr took the lessons from the universe to heart. His mental and physical struggles were deep meditation, and he shared this meditation with those who wanted to listen. Jehr's life is San Francisco's life. His pain, his love, his setback and comeback are the city's lifeblood. In the city, we live together. Let's always live together.

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