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Feedback from the Community

We still remember that night in September 2018 when we had so much fun sitting front row and center – enjoying the live show while munching on Hawaiian popcorn and drinking wine! George and Virginia Gause, Texas

It’s always so nice to see your events and the continuing commitment to arts and culture! Bonnie Lee, San Francisco

You are continuing to do good things for your neighborhood. All the best to you for your work. Judith Offer, Oakland

To Clara Hsu: My friends loved your poetry and your reading. Even though they did not understand Chinese, your expressions were priceless. Thank you for your warm welcome to the Clarion. I appreciate your hospitality and especially for friendship. Gloria Hom, tour guide.

Thanks again for the Jazz on Saturday Afternoon at Clarion. It is an entertainment institution that promotes the Chinatown community as a major resource for San Francisco! Grant Levin has a sound that is pure Jazz as a smooth sound with gentle percussion, base and piano sending music to build a continuing loyal audience. Deni Leonard, San Francisco

I love what you are doing….fabuloso! Sandy Miranda, Berkeley

Congratulations on your rich life arts. Ed Mycue & Richard, San Francisco

Comments on Halloween Costume Making Party for Low Income Families’ Children

Fun Halloween time at the Clarion for the kids! Creative masks made, treats for all! Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this happen!The kids loved it! Pat Nishimoto, San Francisco

How fun!!! Congrats for creative fun space for the kids of all ages! Korene Tom, San Francisco

Comments on “Gai Mou Sou Rap

How wonderful that you help these beautiful and talented seniors strut their stuff. Flo Oy Wong, Cupertino, CA

Your rap is drawing great attention!!!!! Jane Chin

You deserve to get recognition for this creative and proactive message! Leianne Lamb, CA

Enjoy, it made me laugh! Dj

The old Chinese folklores were brought to live by the children, and how resilient are you all in the midst of COVID to produce something like that! A perfect day and a perfect night sky for a perfect moon here last night in Perth. It was huge and orange when it rose, just like the one you have in the play. Brought back so much memories of our childhood celebrations of in Hong Kong. Gloria Ince, Perth, Australia

It is wonderful and amazing. 你太有想像力了。可以上紐約的百老匯。你給這些孩子傳揚中國文化,功德無限。I have forwarded your performance link to my friends. Zi Chun Lin, Middle River, Maryland

The kids loved it, it was beautiful. You and the actors all did wonderfully and they looked so great. Molly Mitchell, San Francisco

Congratulations! You’ve done it again! “Neil Armstrong at the Moon Palace” is another successful performance that engages the fun and enthusiasm of youth. When artists understand their mediums the results are magical because their audience find something that both engages and surprises them. A performance is always a collaboration. An excellent performance is a collaboration of artists who know how to share the creative space with their colleagues. Alex Benedict, Richmond, CA

It’s a lovely little play, and well staged! I like the attack on over-sized portions and ideas…and the clarity of the children’s delivery of language. Sydney Clemens, San Francisco

Really well done! The plot was super creative and the kids very talented. Breaux Walker, San Francisco

Comments on “The Piano, a Play-Movie

I had the pleasure of watching your film about being inside of a piano, a truly awesome work. Thank you for being so creative and talented. Your film made my heartSpace sing. I love that I am deeply touched by what you do and create. The young actors in your film gave me hope. Flo Oy Wong, Cupertino, CA

Wonderful! We just watched The Piano. The kids really liked it, especially Rae – she was superglued to the screen. The actors are all so sweet. Alma. Having a hard time getting in touch with my Alma lately, please thank Clara for the reminder. She is the best. I love the Hong Kong footage and of Clara’s dad. I can’t believe she made that movie! What a technical feat – I’m so impressed. I wish I could give it a thousand likes on YouTube. Thank you so much for sharing. Molly Mitchel, San Francisco

Comments on “Love on the Magpie Bridge

I watched and downloaded the entire play on my computer. Very impressive. Ron Ma, Flint Michigan

我们全程觀看。精彩绝伦。天簌之音。祝贺演出成功!子春 陶英, Middle River, Maryland

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