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ARTIST LAB- collaborative learning program for artists

Artist Lab is a program for young and upcoming artists in the Bay Area. It provides space for artists to learn from each other and expand their artistic repertoire.

The Spring 2022 session started on March 27. A total of seven artists from various creative fields enrolled in the program: Le Feng is a paper artist, Laura Garber and Wangyuxuan Xu are postgraduate students at Berkeley School of Journalism, Clara Hsu is a poet, Serai Yan is a video game developer, Cynthia Yee is a magician and dance performer, and Enkhtsatsralt Enkhjargal is a theater instructor.

Each week, one of the artists lead a skill exchange session where they share their own expertise and artistic skills with the rest of the group. In Week 1, Clara Hsu taught us the art of multi-voice poetry. In Week 2, Le Feng guided us through a paper-binding exercise where each one of us made a paper artwork. In Week 3, Cynthia Yee taught us the art of stage presence and name-memorization techniques. In Week 4, Laura Garber taught us the art of flirting and sensual dances. In Week 5, Enkhtsatsralt Enkhjargal facilitated a therapeutic drama exercise for the entire group. In Week 6, Serai Yan taught us the art of storyboarding and visualizing a storyline of a film. In Week 7, Wangyuxuan Xu taught us the art of documentary film journalism.

Each week, the artists learn something new that they can add to their artistic repertoire. The end result is a melting pot of different creative disciplines and art industries. After learning and absorbing the various lessons, each artist is tasked to come up with their end-of-program artwork. This artwork is meant to illustrate what they learned throughout the program. It will help them consolidate their knowledge into a long-term skill.

We are excited for May 29th to see the artwork that each artist will come up with!

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