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2022 Summer Session, June 12 to August 14

Summer Session begins on June 12

Our Theater classes give children multi-sensory exposure to the arts. They enable children to thrive by activating their imagination and enabling their social skills. Tuition for the summer session is $50 ($5 per class). Each class is one hour. Four classes are scheduled every Sunday:

Fluffy (ages 5 to 7) 9:30 am Magpies (ages 10 to 12) 10:45 am Jelly Beans (ages 5 to 7) 12 pm Willow (ages 13 to 15) 1:30 pm The “Fluffy” class is for children who have been attending Clarion’s theater program since the beginning of the year. Children who have had some theater experience elsewhere are welcome to join. The number of participants is capped at 12. The “Jelly Beans” class is an additional class suitable for beginners. Attention will be focused on motor coordination and group dynamics. We need six children to start the class. “Magpie” class will work on poetic presentations, improv, stage presence, and diction. Writing and singing are part of the curriculum. “Willow” class will be exposed to the theater arts from a global perspective. Poetic form, history, and hands-on projects like mask and costume making will be introduced. Excerpts of famous plays will be analyzed and performed for a more in-depth experience. While English is the major language used in class, Cantonese will be a part of the theater experience for all of the classes. Register now for the summer session. Call or text Clara at 415-244-1317. You may also email her at:

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