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What is 

BOLD ACTION features the BOLDEST ACHIEVEMENTS of Clarion. From innovative to industry-disrupting, we bring you the most wonderful performances!

Date of Premiere:

May 14, 2022

Production Team:


Nola Jesenko

Margaret Chan

Joyce Tang


Enkhtsatsralt Enkhjargal

Theater Program Director:

Clara Hsu


Music & Lighting:

Serai Yan



Wangyuxuan Xu

Music Credit:

"Bad Intentions"

by Le Gan


by Declan D


by Scandinavian

"I Saw a Ghost Last Night"

by Leonell Cassio 


by Lucj

"Let Go"

by Tubeback


"Lost Memories"



"After Rain"

by Zackross

Bathroom Monster
Weed Dealer
and Beth

"Bathroom Monster, Weed Dealer, and Beth" is an original children's play, developed by Clarion's Theater students⁠— Nola Jesenko, Joyce Tang and Margaret Chan.

It is a heartfelt story about two best friends who find themselves entangled in a strange murder mystery. As they try to catch the murderer, a shocking secret is revealed that makes them doubt if they are friends anymore.

Will their friendship get past this challenge? 


The play was premiered on May 14 and 15, 2022. The audience expressed their adoration of the actors and their ability to enact the characters. Particularly, they were impressed with the nuance and complexity with which the actors built each character.


Clarion's Theater Program gave creative agency to the students themselves by trusting them with the process and helping them find their own creative voice. This was voiced by audience members who said "Chinatown kids have never been liberated and supported in exploring their creative talent, not to the same extent as Clarion allowed."

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