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Glammas Wrap

Premiered on 10/08/2022


California Women's Film Festival (Winter)

DisOrient Asian American Film Festival of Oregon

Media & Press coverage:


Glammas Wrap is an artistic collaboration between Clara Hsu (poet), Colleen Quen (Couture), Greg Landau (Grammy-nominated music producer), and Wangyuxuan Xu (videographer). Performed by the Grant Avenue Follies, a cabaret troupe comprised of women ages 66 to 87, the "Wrap" celebrates the richness of their Chinese American experience through music, language, fashion, and dance.

We're still raising funds to cover the production costs.

Grant Avenue Presents
Glammas Wrap


Lyrics - Clara Hsu
Music - Greg Landau
Couture - Colleen Quen

Wangyuxuan Xu

Brent Benaway
Lighting - Demetrius Philp
Artistic Director - Colleen Quen
Video Director - Wangyuxuan Xu
Choreographer - Miki Katsuyama Novitski
Makeup & Hair Designs - Ethel Reddy
Video Editor - Wangyuxuan Xu
Drone Operator - Shan Huang
Location Manager - Shan Huang
Project Coordinator - Clara Hsu
Social Media - Michael Ly
General Assistants:

Le Feng
Mark Wong
Howard Luke

Location Scouts:

Cynthia Peng
Zabrina Deng
Brent Benaway


Cynthia Yee
(Grant Ave Follies:)

Patricia Chin
Mimi Chin
Emily Chin
Ruby Fong
Clara Hsu
Marleen Luke
Patricia Nishimoto

Louise OwLing
Avis See-Tho
Colleen Quen
Special Appearances:

Nola Jesenko
Myron Lee

Recorded on January 21, 2022, at Hyde Street Studio, San Francisco.

Filmed at St. Joseph’s Arts Foundation, Chinese Center of San Francisco Public Library, Stinking Rose Restaurant, Chinatown, and other hidden gems in San Francisco.

Special thanks to Nicole Lavay of St. Joseph’s Arts Foundation and Hai-Qing Chen, Chinese Center of San Francisco Public Library, for their support and

A production of Clarion Performing Arts Center

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