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The Steinway in Disguise

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

The hidden pianos behind framed doors

floors, walls,

full of secrets and stories

the smiles, laughters, and tears

Here I learned to Feel, to Live, to Dream

To Laugh like a child, with a child

To see the most beautiful women dance, sing,

and live their lives to the fullest

A community

full of resilience

A place that embraces dreams

that streams hope

When can I join the spaceship battle floor

and find the monster that hides behind the doors

The notes start to make sense

The chambre echoes with essence

as Paul says, the motion is what makes it

The gestures of picking water chestnuts fill my dreams

hands dancing in ponds

flowing with the delightful sounds

of the heavenly singing of happiness

what is happiness

anyone and anything

and the Night of Sevens celebrates love

what is love

seven is the number of love

to live to love to laugh


fill the lungs

to live to seek our truths

it's a whole body of work

Those lanterns that go up

light the warm, magical energy of this space

Clarion is the Steinway in disguise,

waiting for those

with curious ears,


and heart

to love and appreciate

its splendid beauty

My summer at Clarion has been a magical time, and this place forever will stay so close to my heart. I am forever grateful that I have met Clara and other wonderful human beings in the community: Cynthia Yee, Colleen, Dennis, Avis, Claudio, Mercer, Dorothy, Le, Xavier, Jonathan, all the kids... the list goes on.... I wrote this poem as I was reflecting on the past two months at Clarion, and savoring on the memories with all people and the space that holds the magical Yamaha piano with Steinway parts inside.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Aug 24, 2022

Dear Cynthia, your powerful poem warms my heart. We had an incredible time together (and the monsters are still monsters!) Wishing you the best as you continue to bring love to everything you touch. Bon voyage!

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