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GAF Glam Bang

Glam Bang Hawaii.JPG

November 10, 11, 12

Master of Ceremonies

Nancy Lim Yee

Piano music by Sam Cady.

GAF Glam Bang is a collection of vignettes on the style, personalities, fun facts AND fiction of the Grant Avenue Follies. Written by the Follies' own playwright and Clarion's executive director, Clara Hsu, this theatrical play was included in the PBS documentary, The Express Way with actor Dulé Hill (scheduled to be released in 2024).

About GAF 

Grant Avenue Follies is a cabaret group that brings to life the legacy of San Francisco Chinatown’s golden nightclub era. Cynthia Yee, founder of the Follies, received the 2009 Jefferson Award for public service. The Follies are active in entertaining and raising funds for senior-citizen groups and have been featured on local and national news, AARP, TV shows such as Mario Lopez's Access Daily, and Steve Harvey's Steve on Watch. The Follies are also known as the Rapping Glammas. With three viral music videos---Gai Mou Sou Rap, Glammas Wrap and That Lunar Cheer---they manifest women's beauty, love and strength wherever they go.


Grant Avenue Follies is actually a secret gang disguised as a cabaret entertainment troupe. Their true gang name is Glam Bang and the head of Glam Bang is Empress. However, there is a small dissenting group within Glam Bang. They privately called themselves Glam Bang-Bang. Glam Bang-Bang is led by Lady OxSay.


Whenever the Follies greet each other privately they would use the word “bang” (instead of “hi”), but the dissenting group would say “bang-bang”—almost the same salut, you see, but not quite; so regular members of Glam Bang would not notice the difference except the Glam Bang-Bang themselves.


Trouble begins when Empress shows off a glittery diamond crown. A cat fight ensues amid everyone’s effort in putting together “THE PRE-SEN-TA-TION.”



Doris Grover, Narrator / Madam Lola

Cynthia Yee, Empress, head of Glam Bang Gangster

Pat Chin, Glam Bang Gangster aka Ms. Patty

Mimi Chin, Glam Bang Gangster / Fan Tan

Emily Chin, Glam Bang Gangster aka Lotus Buns

Avis See-Tho, Glam Bang Gangster aka Darn Tart

Marleen Luke, Glam Bang Gangster

Ruby Fong, Glam Bang Gangster

Pat Nishimoto, Lady OxSay, head of Glam Bang-Bang Gangster

Louise Ow-Ling, Glam Bang-Bang Gangster

Clara Hsu, Glam Bang-Bang Gangster

Dennis Tom, singer aka Dandy Dennis

Allen Ogi, hula instructor / Chef MSG

Tech and Crew

Wendy Lee----stage manager

Giray Guntel----sound and video operator

Inga Chernogradskaia----lightboard operator


Clara Hsu, playwright, lyricist and producer

Kelly Ka Wing Li, director and video editor and lighting designer.

Miki Katsuyama Novitski, choreographer

Karl Force, music composer of Glam Bang Rap and Penny Wong Rap

Outpost Recording Studio


Photos of Penny Wong courtesy of Janice L. Quan

Inga Chernogradskaia, visual designs and slide presentation

Tina Kwok, costume consultant


Death of 3 Composers

by Clara Hsu

Travel to the 17th, 18th and 19th Century to find out about the death of Bach, Beethoven and Chopin. Performed by the students of Clarion Children's Theater. Directed and produced by Clara Hsu.

Music by Bach, Beethoven and Chopin.


ShuHua Chen

Kaylee Lao

SiuTai Luo

Jeffrey Situ

Chloe Wu

YingYi Xu

Kelly Zhen


Giray Guntel, sound board

Inga Chernogradskaia, light board


Kelly Li

Parents & Kids.JPG

Snacking Kids Rap


Raymond Wong

Grace Lin

Jayden Louie

Justin Louie

Anson Zhu

Kelly Zhen


Students of Clarion Children's Theater

Thank you

Helen Abe

Sophie Rose Bisou

James Q Chan

Claudine Chang

Janet Chang

Richard Dong

Li Dong Fan

Jeanette Fan

Jack Foley

Sue Go

Ken Ho

Karen Hom & Ralph Pinkerton

Ann Kong

Yvonne Lee

Bettie Lum

Dorothy O'Donnell

Steven Ow-Ling

Sashah Miller

Jonathan Sit

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