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Bathroom Monster, Weed Dealer and Beth

What your kids won't tell you...

Bathroom Monster, Weed Dealer and Beth is a completely original, deadpan satire that was originated, conceived and developed by Nola Jesenko, Margaret Chan and Joyce Tang, three Clarion’s teenage theater students. The conflicts of illegal drug use and friendship are mixed with outlandish imagination on what can come out of the dubious condition of a high school bathroom!

Directed by Enkhtsatsralt Enkhjargal and assisted by Clara Hsu, the play was performed in-person on May 14 & 15, 2022, at the Clarion.

Watch on YouTube:

Props: Nola Jesenko, Margaret Chan, Enkhtsatsralt Enkhjargal, Clara Hsu
Backdrop Design: Joyce Tang
Lighting Design: Enkhtsatsralt Enkhjargal
Sound Board & Scenes Change: Serai Yan
Light Board: Clara Hsu
Videography: Wangyuxuan Xu

Music credits:
“Bad Intentions” by Le Gang
“Altitude” by Declan DP
“Campfire” by Scandinavianz
“I Saw A Ghost Last Night” by Leonell Cassio
“Genesis” by Lucjo
"Let Go” by tubebackr
“Lost Memories” by AERØHEAD
“After Rain” by Zackross

Watch here:


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