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The Riot Showgrrrls Club
The Riot Showgrrrls Club

Sat, Sep 16


Clarion Performing Arts Center

The Riot Showgrrrls Club

With depth, laughter, data, and music we dive into the impacts and new trends of the consumption – revenge porn, TikTok, OnlyFans, and more.

Time & Location

Sep 16, 2023, 7:00 PM

Clarion Performing Arts Center, 2 Waverly Pl, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA

About the Event

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Imagine a club where you are greeted with sparkling wine, a suggestive cake and the feminist hand-stamp of your choosing...

In this club you are part of a show that combines Patriarchy Bingo, power point and madrigals about the vulva in a fast-paced, feel-good (mostly) feminist fling about great sex in an age of terrible porn.

This club is run by your hosts, glamorous comediennes and singers who have the truth-telling powers of Cassandra, the political punch of Gloria Steinem and the high quality daftness of Melissa McCarthy (in her great films like the Heat and Spy, not those rubbish ones her husband directs).

How does such a night end? Well, after the show you stay on in the club to listen to the women-only DJ set, make your own club membership card with our Radical Craftivist, have some more drinks and get your conversation on – 'cos in our revolution we'll find sisterhood and there will be dancing!

Originally commissioned for the Guilded Balloon, Edinburgh in 2008, when lad mags were in their hay day, cabaret meant tit tassels and female stripping and porn was being main-streamed right into our cultural veins, Scary Little Girls bravely took a pro sex anti porn show to Edinburgh.

We claimed that ‘it’s an empirical fact that feminists have the best sex’ and used throbbing, electro-pop and gleeful, musical romps to lay out why and how porn ruins this – and what we can do to reclaim our sex lives.

Now in 2023, still putting the “camp” into “campaigning” and the “act' into 'activism', our heroines Rebecca Mordan and Christina Li are going to use games, comedy, songs and madrigals to the vulva to look at how we are faring in these days of hyper-social media and Pornhub. This event uses a cabaret format to pack a powerful political punch, while the wrap around activities create safe space for conversation, connection and creative response.

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